Spam , Spam blacklist, Email spam, Email filter, Spam filter, Fight spammers, Save Bandwidth and your valuable time
Fight spam with spam black list email filter,  fight spammers, saving lot of precious time
Fight spam blacklist, email spam, email filter, spam filter, fight spammers, saving lot of precious time and bandwidth

Fight Spam, e-Mail Spammers. Maintain your own e-Mail Filter List

Fight unsolicited junk email with filters. Free e-Mail Filter Script to Fight e-Mail SPAMMERS.

There has been a huge increase in spam emails recently resulting in time-wasting, bandwidth eating. Spammers are constantly changing their tactics to outdo spam filters. The e-mail spams cause a monetary loss by way of wasted bandwidth, besides wasting your valuable time.

eMails that looks unfamiliar or suspicious will be deleted at your server by our script.

You can download our Free eMail spam filter script with complete guidance and help to install it on your server as a email spam filter. The spam eMails identified as spam will be automatically deleted. The script will obviate need for any other method either on the server or your Outlook Express to be employed. The script can be set to run as a cron job to delete spam emails at set intervals.

There are 3 text files to which you can constantly add email spammers details. You will already have a good list of spam words in the banned_words.txt.

1. banned_domain.txt. You can keep adding / removing spammers domains to this spam blacklist domain names as desired.
2. banned_words.txt. You can keep adding / removing spammers words that are in the spam e-Mail's subject to this spam words blacklist as desired.
3. mysites.txt. This is a file where you list all your email addresses.

Even if you have 20 or more websites, the script needs to be installed only on any one server; it will work on all the sites email addresses listed in mysites.txt.

Opinion of Users of Spam Filter Script
This script is amazing!! I have spent hours daily on internet to delete spam emails. But Now installed this script and saving lot of precious time. I can delete spam emails simply by a single click. It's so easy and user friendly. It is easy to setup as 1-2-3.
p;              Mr. Usman Riaz
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Free eMail Spam Filter Script

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Fight unsolicited junk email with filters, Save valuable time. Spam, spam blacklist, email spam, email filter, spam filter, fight spammers

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